Three reasons DeSean Jackson should be in a San Diego uniform


By now, we all know the DeSean Jackson saga. Amidst bizarre allegations of gang affiliation without any prior arrests or legal issues, the Eagles cut Jackson on Friday for reasons no one seems to be 100 percent sure about. It’s unfair to assume anything about Jackson without any proof and coming off his career-best season in which he amassed over 1,300 receiving yards to go along with nine touchdowns, Jackson’s landing spot could be the final piece for numerous NFL teams. The Chargers will need to do their homework, and get DeSean to accept a back-loaded contract, but here are three reasons why DeSean Jackson should be in powder blue and gold entering 2014.

1: The Final Offensive Piece

A three-headed running attack with thunder (Ryan Mathews), lightning (Danny Woohead) and a tornado-like winds (Donald Brown), okay maybe not the best metaphor, but San Diego’s running game should be second to none in the coming years. A veteran quarterback like a fine wine getting better with age. The best receiver in the 2013 draft class. An improving offensive line with good young talent. Two of the best tight ends in the game. The Chargers offense is scary. In 2013, it was the fifth best in the NFL, but the one thing that would have taken it over the top, was a home run hitter. That home run hitter is now available, and his name is DeSean Jackson. Try putting eight in the box to stop the run when Jackson requires deep safety help. Try doubling the young Keenan Allen and watch the deep ball open up. Personally, I think Jackson makes this offense damn-near unstoppable. The big play is crucial in the NFL because it is like the three point line in college basketball: it can get a struggling offense going. Jackson is a fit, if the Chargers are willing to accept his personality and price tag.

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  • The Long Distance Charger Fan

    100% Right On…Only challenge is to decide what number he will wants on his new Charger Uniform…Come on guys…let’s make this happen…
    The Long Distance Charger Fan reporting in from Damascus Syria…(on my to Beirut today)