Top OLB in the NFL Draft: Where do the Colts come in?


You have heard it before a million times, the Indianapolis Colts do not own a first round pick after giving it up for Trent Richardson. So when the outside linebackers(OLB) start coming off the board, the Colts will have to wait their turn to see who could fall to them.

Knock out the names like Khalil Mack and Anthony Barr who both seem to be destined for a top 10 pick. With the Colts signing D’Qwell Jackson you can almost certainly knock off any player projected from rounds 1-4, so their goes Ryan Sazier, Carl Bradford, and Kyle Van Noy. So where does that leave the Colts?

Ever heard of no mans land? Well, that is where the Colts will be when it comes to drafting an OLB. This draft is stacked with the hybrid type linebacker the Colts might need in the future, but with the recent transactions and dire needs at other positions they might pass on a linebacker all together.

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