Denver Broncos right tackle Orlando Franklin is not happy, deletes angry tweet

Credit: Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos right tackle Orlando Franklin sent this odd, angry and now deleted tweet out on Saturday.

via Mile High Report

With the return of Ryan Clady (ACL) at left tackle, and the loss of left guard Zane Beadles in free agency, a common thought process has been that Chris Clark will shift from left tackle to right tackle, and Franklin will be asked to slide to left guard.

Maybe that’s why Franklin’s unhappy? Any thoughts you have let us know below.

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  • Rex

    I would guess that its all about the Benjamins…I believe that 2014 is a contract year for Franklin, and that he could become a Free Agent in 2015. Perhaps this angry tweet came about because they were in negotiations about another contract and the Broncos gave him a lowball offer.

    If he is pissed about negotiations, then go out, have a Pro Bowl type year, and go collect your money from someone else. Does he not know that the Thomas Towers, i.e. Demaryus and Julius, are coming up on their contract years as well? There is only so much money to go around, so if some players overvalue themselves and are offended by whats being offered to them. Well..wah…wah…wah…

  • Armando Cuesta

    With all due respect, he just needs to get over it….and compete! But on that note, why NOT pursue a Guard in FA. The signings of C Will Montgomery and T Winston Justice are both viable moves. But so too would have been to pursue Travelle Wharton (still available in FA), a PFF highly rated guard who is familiar with Coach Fox, having played for him in Carolina. Why not directly address a need, well…..directly. Manny Ramirez did an outstanding job at center, there is really no need for change at that position.
    If the signing, particularly of Montgomery, was merely to add depth to the OL, with the intent of still pursuing a Yankey, a Sua-Fila, or a G. Jackson in the draft…..then OK… great! Otherwise, a change at the center position at this point is somewhat akin to fixing something that simply ‘ain’t’ broken.