Oakland Raiders Trade Series: Chicago Bears


The Chicago Bears play in one of the toughest divisions in football, the NFC North. They have to be able to stop the likes of QBs Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford twice a season since they are in the same division. Their division also boasts some of the best defenses. This makes having a stellar defense themselves a must.

The free agency moves they have made indicate that they are well aware of this fact. They have added a veteran and a young player to their defensive line in former Minnesota Vikings DE Jared Allen and former Oakland Raiders DE Lamarr Houston along with several others to help achieve that goal.

This draft will be stocked full of talent on both sides of the ball, but factors indicate that the Bears are interested in re-vamping their defense. Are they reasonably confident in their ability to get impact player with the seven picks they hold in this draft?

The Bears hold the 14th overall pick. As with every team, they may have to trade up in order to avoid the risk of losing their desired prospect to another team that drafts ahead of them. The 5th pick gives them a much better chance of getting the player they want.

What about the Oakland Raiders? They have so many needs at so many positions that it benefits them to obtain as many picks in this draft as they can. A trade between the two would help both teams. Taking a look at the Draft Trade Value Chart, we see that the trade up from the fourteenth pick (1100 points) to the fifth pick (1700 points) leaves a 600 point differential in favor of the Raiders.

Using the chart, we can see several ways to make up the points. Since most teams are reluctant to give up several picks in the same draft, the teams could theoretically spread the impact of the trade by either making up the points with a third round pick in this years draft and a 2nd or 3rd round pick in the 2015 draft. Since the Raiders are lacking both their 5th and 6th round picks this year, perhaps they could work out the potential trade to get those picks back.

Any way you slice it, Raiders GM, Reggie McKenzie should look to trade down for more picks. With the Houston Texans reportedly looking to trade down out of the first overall pick to get additional picks themselves, it could have an impact on whether the Raiders will be able to trade down. If the opportunity presents itself to trade down out of the 5th pick when they are on the clock, they should take full advantage and get as much as they can out of it.

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  • Anonymous

    Reggie doing his thing

  • John Miller

    Yeah, that’s ridiculous.

  • Pridenpoise

    You think Reggie, who’s job is on the line THIS year is going to trading down, to land picks for next year and possibly a 5th or 6th round this year, it’s not happening, ridiculous.

    • Walter Spargo

      I merely posed as one possibility in a haystack of possibilities.

  • 11 Dancing Ditkas

    This is the dumbest article I have read leading up to the 2014 NFL draft. The Bears’ GM Phil Emery has publicly stated that he’s looking to move down and acquire more picks. You should do your research before wasting your readers’ time.