Packers will look to add depth at LB via the draft


Last year’s Packers defense was lacking in two very important categories: talent and depth. In some units, like the secondary, the Packers had very little talent or depth. In other units, like linebackers, the Packers had a talented group who did not have enough depth to deal with the injuries sustained during an NFL season. At some points during 2013, the Packers had only one healthy linebacker. Not exactly a recipe for success for a defensive unit whose base system starts four linebackers. This year the Packers will look to add both talent and depth in order to improve their defense.

Kyle Van Noy would be a great addition to the Packers defense and would help address both depth and talent deficiencies . He is versatile linebacker who can provide a pass rush and coverage skills. His versatility would allow Dom Capers a great deal of flexibility. If he was drafted by the Packers he would almost certainly be a fixture on defense on passing downs. Van Noy is physically imposing at 6 ft. 3 in and weighing 245. He is a good open field tackler and is able to cover a great deal of ground with his speed. The only question with Van Noy is when and where he would be drafted by the Packers. He would be somewhat of a reach in the first round but may not fall to the Packers in the second. He is certainly someone Packer fans should keep their eyes on the first and second day of the draft.

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