Twitter Tuesday: Buccaneer draft fan favorites


With the kicked up dust from free agents packing up and moving on starting to settle. We now have a better idea of where Tampa Bay will be looking in the NFL draft.

As we creep closer and closer to towards the third large step in rebuilding the Buccaneers. I went onto Twitter to find some mock drafts from you, the readers, for today’s Twitter Tuesday.

Mike in Tampa. Plain and simple. Quarterback with our top pick. While I like some of the quarterbacks in this class(Manziel and Bortles) I haven’t given up on Mike Glennon. Why jump off the ship? He played well last year after the Josh Freeman fiasco and deserves another chance. Don’t even give me the Josh McCown starting idea.. I might vomit.

Many, including myself have written about the possibility of Tampa Bay going after star prospect wide receiver Sammy Watkins from Clemson.
While surprisingly new free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson is available. Tampa Bay doesn’t have the money for a style player like Jackson. They’re in rebuilding and need good, quality guys for smaller amounts of money than Jackson would demand. Not sure I would give up exactly what ‘boogie’ says here.. But I like where he’s thinking. Pass on DJax. Look at Watkins.

Now like I said earlier. I like Mike Glennon. I really do.

I like Johnny Manziel even more.

He would bring an explosiveness and ‘it’ factor to the quarterbacking position that neither McCown or Glennon have. Khalil Mack’s name has been affiliated with Tampa Bay’s pick for a while, however his stock is on the rise and the chance of him landing at Tampa Bay’s spot now seems unlikely because he won’t even be available.

Regardless of where Tampa Bay is moving. The old regime’s failed antics now seem like the distant past as the new front office flexes their muscles with strong pick ups and quality moves, after move, after move. You have to like where the Buccaneers are headed.

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