Washington has Wale, Raiders have E-40 Fonzarelli… Sprinkle me mayne


In part of their attempts to woo free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson, there were reports that he was out at clubs with both players and local D.C rapper Wale.

This is not a surprise, teams often pull out all of the stops and if they have famous fans, they are often included in the sales pitch. But while DeSean is out with Wale, he should take a look at what the newest Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew has been up to (Thanks to my man @jfloe408 for putting me on to this):

Rather than being up in the club, MJD was getting all classy like with the Bay Area’s own rap legend, E-40. If rappers are what Jackson is looking for, the Bay has plenty of hip hop history worth checking out. From Too Short to Tupac, Digital Underground to the kings of underground, Hieroglyphics. The Bay can definitely hang when it comes to hip hop boasting rights.

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  • e

    If you know anything about Earl Stevens you would know he is a die hard 49er fan, so he would talk him that way.

    • James Arcellana

      I do know he is a Niner fan, but clearly he has no issue hanging with Raiders players. So would he talk to him? I’m guessing the picture above is pretty good evidence of the answer to that question.

  • Anonymous

    Raiders have Snoop and Ice cube who are die hard raider fans and from LA where DJax from


    First of all Snoop IS NOT a Raiders fan, but a Steelers fan. Secondly, E-40 is a Bay Area Bandwagon fan like Chuy Gomez. Anyone who has listened to 40’s music can hear that he’s given props out to both sides of the Bay and the Bay Area football teams. e.g. in the track on The Game’s Album entitled “Speakers on Blast” he exclaims “Not from New England, but I pack a Patriot. Not from Atlanta but I got the cater. Not from Chicago but I’m a Bear. I’m a Bay Area n**** 49er Raider.”