Best outside linebackers drafted in Colts history


Outside linebackers have seen a resurgence as of late for the Colts. The phenomenal acquisition of Jerrell Freeman helped make the Colts have a linebacker they can depend on. Freeman was not drafted and has developed into one of the better and underrated linebackers in the NFL.

The movement of Robert Mathis to the outside linebacker position also helped add a dimension to his game that made him arguably the most feared pass rusher in the league.

As a whole though, the Colts haven’t had a linebacker squad for the longest time. Gary Brackett was a team leader during the Peyton Manning days yet never was a Ray Lewis or Clay Matthews like player. He was a noteworthy player but never ascended into one that was above and beyond.

The list of the best linebackers the Colts have ever drafted would have Colts fans yonder back when the Colts had a feared defense that could stop the run.

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