Could T.Y. Hilton become the next DeSean Jackson?


When trying to find the next big playmaker like DeSean Jackson, I argue that one must look at the young Colt T.Y. Hilton. Two seasons into his career, Hilton has proved himself to be a top target for Andrew Luck. The two have connected on 132 passes on 229 attempts and 1,944 yards over their time together. With his explosive speed, he displays several similarities with the recently released DeSean Jackson. Jackson caught 124 of 238 during his first two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. Jackson only had 116 more yards over that span, but had only 11 touchdowns to Hiltons 12. The two both had six drops in their rookie seasons; Jackson dropped six more the following season while Hilton only had four.

If those numbers are any indication of Hilton’s future, the Colt’s can expect big things from their third round pick.  Both were leading punt returners for their team adding a touchdown during their rookie seasons. Jackson went on to improve his special team stats during his second season, while Hilton’s numbers as a punt returner went down. One area that makes Hilton stand out above Jackson is his ball security. Hilton has only lost one fumble during his career which was as a returner. Jackson on the other hand had five by this point. However, that number does not take into account dropping the ball prematurely at the one yard line because waiting to celebrate is overrated.

Hilton is not known as having the mouth and attitude like Jackson has shown throughout his career. If this continues to be the case and Hilton does not cause the locker room issues like Jackson brought with him to the Eagles. I have a feeling that the Colts’ front office would love to have a receiver with Jackson’s skill set and stays out of the media’s spotlight. Jackson posted 32 touchdowns through the air, four more in the return game, and even provided them with three more on the ground during his time as an Eagle. Hilton averages 13 plays of 20+ yards per season, Jackson on the other hand averaged 17.5 over his first two seasons.

With the many similarities shared between the two players, it is hard to not put big expectations on Hilton’s future. Luckily for Indianapolis, they found a player that can not only take on the pressure, but can also surpass those same expectations.