Drawing early conclusions for Cowboys’ Draft day


The Cowboys have remained quiet after their signing of Henry Melton, and it seems as they will continue the trend until after the Draft. And why not? The players that are on the market right now are not team-altering must-haves. Therefore, it is in the best interest for the Cowboys to focus all their energy toward May and worry about free agents later.

This year’s Draft is being labeled as the deepest in 10 years or so, and that spells options for the Cowboys.

I understand that this team is coming off the worst year in franchise history on defense, but don’t be surprised if the Cowboys throw a few curveballs. Last year, nobody guessed that Dallas would trade down pick up a third and draft the best rated center. Nonetheless, that pick seemed to work out great as they grabbed Travis Frederick and Terrance Williams.

Frederick graded out as one of the top centers in 2013 and helped the Cowboys get PFF’s 4th rated Offensive Line.¬†Terrance Williams cruised in 2013 to 44 catches for 736 yards and 5 touchdowns, that all but sealed the deal for Miles Austin’s exit. Though folks were biting their pillows when the trade was made, it seems everyone is eating a bit of crow now.

I have always been a proponent of the “best player available” approach. I feel that when teams get caught up in drafting based on needs they end up hurting themselves in the end. A great player is a great player and you can use a great player 100% of the time on 32 football clubs.

There have been quite a few names linked to the Cowboys thus far but in order to get an idea of what the Cowboys will most likely do, we have to first take a look at their characteristics in the past few Drafts:

– Cowboys tend to Draft a player rated high in his position
– The player is usually a day-one starter
– That player is typically a combination of “BPA” and position on need

If you went by those three criteria then your probably still lost, as am I. The Cowboys are high on a lot of guys but what if those guys are gone and it comes down to an offensive lineman like Martin or Lewan being the best bet. If I were them, I would pull the trigger. That would most definitely shore up and practically complete the project they started on the offensive line three season’s ago.

Most of the insiders are in agreement that if defensive tackle Aaron Donald is on the board, the Cowboys will take him. In honesty, that’s a pretty good pick at a position that they could use, and the guy is at the top of his position. Let’s ponder the possibility that Hageman, Donald, and Jernigan are gone and Anthony Barr is off the board as well; do you take a Ha Ha Clinton-Dix or Calvin Pryor? How about a Mike Evans or Sammy Watkins?

That’s the point of this entire Column, there are so many options this year that it’s looking like the Cowboys have a true shot to get a blue-chipper that fits their characteristics of the past few seasons.

If your a Cowboy fan then you should enjoy this year’s Draft and it’s eleven picks. Think of all the options instead of what everyone is telling you this team needs; because what these pundits don’t like to say is that every team could make the case for a “need” at every position.

For example, you got Melton but you don’t know what you’re going to get. They have Dez Bryant, but if he goes down; are you comfortable with Williams as the number one? There are a plethora of positions to fill but the best position to fill is the player that’s available at the top of your board. Like Bryan Broaddus says, “Don’t window dress your board.” That just means don’t move away from a guy that can be a great player for your football team.

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