Mailbag: Free agent pool exhausted for Cleveland’s needs


After the initial wave of free agent signings, the Browns stopped and haven’t done much since, even though they still have a lot of cap space to work with. Why?

-James in Cleveland

I think it’s due to the fact that the Browns have filled all the spots that they deem necessary in free agency, and that they will target the other positions of need in the draft. Already in free agency, the team successfully replaced D’Qwell Jackson with Karlos Dansby and TJ Ward with Donte Whitner. They also added a slot receiver in Andrew Hawkins, a much needed first-string running back with Ben Tate, and it looks as if it’s almost a guarantee that the team will bring back center Alex Mack. Also, the Browns are still active (or attempting to be active) in free agency – Fox Sports reported that the team was strongly pursuing wide receiver DeSean Jackson (before he signed with the Washington Redskins). With Jackson accounted for, there aren’t really many players left in free agency that could bolster their roster. I simply think the team is waiting to fill remaining positions of need in the draft – what they probably see as a cheaper and more talent-rich route.


Is there a can’t-miss player for the Browns to draft at #4 overall?

-Brendan in Charlotte

I honestly don’t believe so. I think that has to do with the uncertainty of this upcoming draft, especially the first 10 picks. Obviously, when you talk about someone as can’t-miss talent, the first player that comes up is J’Daveon Clowney, but I don’t think he’ll be there at No.4. I believe that as close as you can get at No. 4 overall would be someone like Buffalo OLB Khalil Mack. He’s been rocketing up draft boards and is probably the second best player in this draft (outside of Clowney). But with how unpredictable this draft is projected to be, there’s a solid chance that he will not be there at No. 4 either. When it comes to QB – the Browns’ biggest position of need – there are absolutely no can’t-miss players. All three top-rated quarterbacks have noticeable flaws and would be better off bench warming their first seasons in the league. Due to this lack of sure-fire players at the #4 overall pick, I think their decision is going to get even more difficult as the May draft approaches closer and closer.


I’m sick of hearing about Derek Carr. I don’t think he’ll be a good NFL quarterback. Why are the Browns so interested in him?

-Liam in Warren

My opinion is that the team is weighing all of its possible options at quarterback, in case the Browns ultimately determine that they want to take a signal caller at No. 28 as opposed to No. 4. Carr comes from a pro-style offense at Fresno State, so he’d naturally have a smooth transition to the NFL. He also has one of the quickest releases of any QB in this year’s draft class. After 2 seasons of watching Brandon Weeden sit back in the pocket and hold the ball for what seemed like an eternity, Carr’s quick reaction time would be a welcome addition to the quarterback position. In the end, I think that Carr won’t be the choice. It likely comes down to the Browns not wanting to show their hand and weighing all of their possible options in this year’s draft.

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  • ron j

    I think they should take a real good look at allen robinson from penn sate he is a very good w/r