Mailbag: Is Aaron Rodgers’ work ethic in question?


The Packers still have money they could spend on free agents, why not go after DeSean Jackson?

–Jay from Chicago

The Packers still have money yes, but do they need a high profile and high priced wide receiver? No. We’ve seen throughout the years that receivers flourish in the Packers system, and we’ve seen time and again that when they leave they’re not as good or productive as they were made to be within the system. Put that with the questions surrounding Jackson’s character and off the field issues and Jackson simply wasn’t worth the risk. Ted Thompson isn’t done spending money, however, we can be sure of that.


Aaron Rodgers was spotted at the Badgers’ March Madness game in Anaheim last week. He also gave the team a pep talk after winning. Can this be construed as Rodgers not taking advantage of his offseason to get better and instead use it for social outings?

–John from Glendora, CA

It’s a long offseason, and I would like to think at this point that we can be assured of Rodgers’ work ethic. He is a competitor who puts the team first every time. When we start misconstruing support of a local team for lackluster preparation we’ll find ourselves doubting every move every player ever makes. Rodgers’ supporting the Badgers was nothing more than that. He is a sports fan and wants to support the local Wisconsin sports organizations and programs. And doing so only makes him that much more┬álikable around Green Bay and throughout Packer Nation.


I keep going back to the decision to sign Julius Peppers and each time it leaves me scratching my head. I understand it’s a low risk high reward signing with only $7.5 million guaranteed, but he is still a 34 year old player whose stats have been declining, and Jared Allen was still available when they made the move. Allen is only 31 year old and has racked up double digit sacks for something like eight seasons in a row. Wasn’t Allen the better option?

–Mitch from Milwaukee

I’ve thrown around that scenario, too. And yes, from the outside looking in it would appear that Jared Allen would have been the better acquisition. There is a reason they went after Peppers instead, however. It could have been what Allen and his agent were going after salary-wise, or it could have been something schematically that Ted Thompson, Dom Capers, and Mike McCarthy feel Peppers fits better. Rest assured that it was a calculated decision to sign Peppers, and not something done with an itchy trigger finger. The Packers still have a lot of money left to spend, a sign that they don’t make impulsive decisions. They have a plan for Julius Peppers, not Jared Allen.

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  • Nick Perry

    The Packer went after Peppers because he fills the mold of the defense they play much better than Allen. Even with all the injuries the Bears had on the DL last year, Pppers was still a factor against Green Bay. Look at Allens Game Stats in both games against Green Bay last year going against a rookie LT mind you. The answer is right there. I think a combination of Matthews, Peppers, Neal, Daniels, Perry, and Jones with Raji at NT gives the Packers several options on defense. I love the Peppers signing. Allen isn’t very good defending the run either.

  • Kaylene Chieko Hironaka

    The off season is for players to rest and do what they like to do. I personally am in favor of allowing players to improving their health, volunteering and doing other work that may help them financially.

  • Nick Perry

    If the Packers O-Line can stay healthy, Cobb, Nelson, and Boykin stay healthy, and they get production from the TE position, this offense will be a top 5 offense in yards, scoring, passing, and rushing. Thompson still hasn’t signed a RFA, only players that were released so he still gets all his comp picks. I don’t care what Rodgers is doing in March or the beginning of April, I care what he does about the 1st or 2nd weekend of September.