Mailbag: the Draft, the Ralph and DeSean Jackson


Should the Bills trade up in the draft?- Eric from Rochester

This question is tough to answer, because with most trades it depends on who we are giving up. In my opinion the Bills should not lose any draft picks in any possible trades, only try to gain them. But in a scenario where the Bills their number one pick and a player like Manny Lawson who is now the odd man out at OLB with Kiko moving over and Rivers coming then I say go for it. But I would hate to see the Bills lose a second or third round draft picks considering the way Whaley has been doing these last couple drafts. Just think we could be trading a Cordy Glenn or Kiko Alonso if we give up a second rounder just to move up a couple spots.

Should the Bills go after Desean Jackson? Taylor from Erie Penn.

Well Taylor since I received this question it looks like Jackson is off the market and signed with Washington. I don’t think there was any scenario for the Bills that led to DeSean joining the team (even if we seriously went after him). I also strongly believe that the Bills can get just as good of a player in the draft especially this year. And lastly the Bills already have deep threat guys in TJ Graham and Marquis Goodwin, so we need a big receiver that can create space with his size and take a hit over the middle not another track-star. Right now the only players going over the middle are the drop happy Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler…So, lets fix that part of the receiving core and not add this Knucklehead.

Does the Ralph really need to be replaced? Patrick from Utica

Desperately! Listen I don’t really care where the Bills play, I will go to a high school field and sit in the bleachers if it means I get to watch my Bills play. But as far as making sure I get to watch the BUFFALO Bills, we need to some how get a new stadium and this time acquire some debt from it. That way if Roger, Jerry and those snobs over in L.A. start thinking they can take our team to line their pockets then the price tag just got a lot higher because they will need to know pay for their own stadium and pay off ours. But, before we get a stadium we need to get an owner who is committed to Buffalo as a city and Western New York as a region.

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