Oakland Raiders: Three free agents that should be targeted


The Oakland Raiders were in the running to bring in easily the best remaining free agent on the market in DeSean Jackson. But with news that he is signing with Washington to joing RGIII and company, the Raiders are back to the free agent drawing board. But while there are no more free agents who can make the same kind of impact Jackson would have, there are certainly guys who are worth taking a look at. And with no contract for Jackson, the Raiders still have plenty of cap space left.

Specifically, there are three guys left who would be very good signings for general manager Reggie McKenzie. Again, none are the big name signings that get people excited, but all three represent solid football players who will add to the team. In fact, there are far more than just three guys available who would upgrade this roster, but these are the three I believe would have the biggest impact for the Raiders.

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