Outside linebackers: which Ravens are best?


Where to start? The Ravens organization has been almost perfect at drafting linebackers overall, but more specifically outside linebackers. Many players have come and gone from the Ravens but almost every outside linebacker drafted has went on to become a solid contributor.  In fact, the Ravens have drafted so many good players throughout the years that I have to do an honorable mention category. Let’s take a look!

Honorable Mention

Jarret Johnson

Not quite known for his speed, Johnson was an incredible run stopper during his time with the Ravens.

Jamie Sharper

Much like Johnson above, Sharper wasn’t the most impressive pass rusher, but made up for that with smart play and great run stopping abilities.

Paul Kruger

A short, yet promising, career thus far, Kruger was a big piece of the Ravens’ Super Bowl run and he stepped up big time when Suggs was out.


And now, for the top three outside linebackers in Ravens’ history…


3. Adalius Thomas

Thomas was a big part of a tenacious Ravens defense back in the day, not to mention a huge steal as well.  Drafted in the sixth round at 186th overall out of Southern Mississippi, Thomas has a career total of 513 tackles to complement his 53 sacks and seven interceptions.  With his best seasons coming in Baltimore under Rex Ryan, Thomas proved to be a versatile playmaker year after year for the Ravens.

2. Peter Boulware

Boulware is the only person on this list (so far) to be a Raven for life.  Drafted fourth overall out of Florida State in 1997, #58 was a consistent playmaker. Logging 403 tackles and 70 sacks over the course of nine years, it’s no wonder why Boulware made the list.  He was consistent throughout his years in Baltimore and the Ravens got exactly what they were expecting out of their first round pick.  Inducted into the Ravens Ring of Honor in 2006, it goes to show just how highly the organization thinks of him.

1. Terrell Suggs

The master of disaster, T-Sizzle is the current heart and soul of the Ravens’ defense. Drafted tenth overall out of Arizona State in 2003, Suggs has been in the league for 12 seasons, but doesn’t look or play much different than the day he came out college.  Logging a total of 672 tackles and 94.5 sacks through his first dozen years, Suggs is a huge playmaker for the Ravens and can consistently disrupt an opposing offense with the flick of a switch.  Like they did Boulware, the Ravens hope to keep Suggs around for the remainder of his career — which seems all the more likely since Suggs signed an extension this offseason that could keep him in Baltimore through 2018.  Terrell Suggs is undoubtedly the Ravens’ best all-time outside linebacker, and that is a title he will likely hold for quite some time.

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