The Atlanta Falcons were the only “fool” on April 1st


Halloween isn’t the only holiday for tricks. Yesterday the Atlanta Falcons attempted to prank fans with a few April Fools’ Day jokes, and much like the Falcon’s 2013 season, the jokes fell flat. Justin Bieber buying the team? That’s almost as unbelievable as Roddy White finally paying up his NCAA bet.

Here is a video of the “foolishness” Atlanta attempted on April Fools’ Day:

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  • Rick

    Actually Shelby, you are the fool. Way to find an article that already has a negative spin and just pile on. Oh and you couldn’t even find this on April Fools Day. Way to keep it current. Pretty big hack job if you ask me.
    And it was an April Fools video. You are supposed to ask stupid questions that aren’t true. What did ya want? Some hard hitting April Fools journalism?
    Guess it doesn’t really matter. I am viewer number 29 to this stellar page. Look out!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your opinion 🙂