Houston Texans Five Likeliest First Pick Selections


The Houston Texans have the first overall pick and this year’s draft doesn’t have a clear player that screams this is the guy you should take first overall. There are a lot of intriguing possibilities; the Texans have been mulling them all over for the past few months.

May 8th is quickly approaching and I see five players the Texans might decide to draft with the first overall pick

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  • douglas

    manziel duh

  • country bear

    Clowney is the best option. They already have enough rookie qb’s on the roster. Clowney is the sure thing. My guess is Manziel will have one, maybe two years of success before he gets rattled. HE’S NOT built for the NFL. Texans need a defense to beat the Colts. Stop Andrew Luck and the Texans win the AFC SOUTH. Fitz has enough weapons to win games. Texans need a DEFENSE!