How popular are the Houston Texans?


Earlier today, Reid Foster of Cover32 for the Carolina Panthers found a graph to show how popular every NFL team is by frequency of google searches.

The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers took the first two spots, and the Jacksonville Jaguars found themselves dead last in a category once again.

Where did your Houston Texans rank? Click here to find out.


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  • mcfloyd

    Houston fans won’t be near as mad about being bottom dwellers as they will be about the Cowboys sitting on top of the list. Texans fans are the absolute worst in the league. They fight each other in the parking lot after they lose… and they even threaten the lives of the guys on the team. LOL!

  • abovethehype

    The Houston Texans do have the worst record in the league, no doubt about that. But the fans are typically a class act…following in the footsteps of its team. We have our moments of shame (the Matt Schaub booing), but implying we’re the worst in violence is a farce. Oakland, Philly, New England and Washington typically top that list. Who cares about the cowgirls and their bandwagon fans.