Raiders fans don't seem to want Reggie McKenzie to trade back in the draft


The Oakland Raiders have a top five draft pick in one of the deepest draft classes in recent memory. Not only is the class full of starting caliber talent, it is very heavy up top with a number of play makers available in the top ten picks. The quality of the class makes the Raiders’ first round pick even more valuable than it might be in other years.

But that leads to the inevitable question: What should the Raiders do with the pick? There is enough talent that they can get a game changer at number five. Or, depending on who falls to them, they could also reel lin a boat load of picks to trade back out of the number five spot.

With that in mind, I took a quick Twitter poll to find out what Raider Nation wants general manager Reggie McKenzie to do with the pick.

At the time I wrote this piece, the vast majority of Raiders fans were in favor of keeping the number five pick and drafting an impact player there. Of the 78 responses to my question, 58 wanted McKenzie to hang onto the pick and draft someone at number five while only 20 wanted the Raiders GM to trade back and accumulate more picks.

I still believe the most likely scenario is a trade back, but you can understand why Raiders fans would prefer to take someone in the top five. There are a number of guys who could be available that would each represent a massive upgrade for the Raiders. But given the number of needs that the Raiders still have, obtaining an additional second and/or third round pick could mean adding an additional starting caliber player who also could make a big impact in their rookie season.

But all of this talk still leaves another big question:


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  • Dave

    I’d like him to trade back & get more picks, but at some time, he’s gonna HAVE to bring in a superstar. So, 6 of one, half dozen of the other…

    • Travis King

      There is no question, we need to select the best player for our future. Whether it be Mosely. Mack, Clinton-Dix, McCarron’s, Carr who ever falls to us. We need this pick to count. I am worried about Reggie doing the same old thing and trading back for picks. We have number five in the first and number three I believe in the second. Trade Pryor and Moore for [picks. Do not trade out those two picks. This is a impact draft and we need to make the most of it!!! End of story! With five to seven picks we can change the future of the Raiders for the next 6 years. That is how I feel. What about you?

  • Ramon

    I would make a list from 1to 5 and ask everyone on that list what would they do if the Oakland Raiders chose them and see there reaction we don’t need rookie players that don’t want to play for us but I would stay with my #5 pick and get someone that will put in the effort

  • Fujo

    Here is what we need to do… If Watkins falls to us at #5 we take him there.. This is because we lost in the DJAX sweepstakes… If Watkins is gone by #5 we trade down to accumulate more picks… This draft class is talented enough in multiple positions to get some key players… Watkins in the exception because I believe he will be a game changer for us… Positions to draft for… WR,LT, DT, LB,S, CB… I’m not a big fan of drafting a QB this year as we have Schaub that will be our starter.. I believe McGloin can back him up… This kid has a quick release and he gets the ball out quick with some zip, just wish he was taller.. I think we can find our QB of the future in next years draft or after if Schaub ends up exceeding all expectations and leading us back to raising that sterling silver trophy for the 4th time.

  • Jr

    I read that SF is looking heavily at adding Watkins, if that’s the case and he falls to #5, as much as I would like to see him in silver & black, I say trade down for SF’s 1st rd pick plus an additional 2nd or 3rd rd pick since they have 11 picks where as we only have 6.

    • sal

      we need more picks period this is a good year to trade down even the 3rd and 4th options on every positions are good enough to start plus with so much veterans it’s a good time to pick those players they will get the coaching they need from their own players and the right kind of attitudes and work ethics

  • Walter Spargo

    Since when do Raiders fans know what is best for this team? Before the season even ended or free agency started, most of them wanted a new head coach and GM. Several also wanted to overpay to keep Veldheer instead of spending that money to get versatile OL. Lucky for us, Reggie makes the football decisions and not the fans.


    As a long suffering Raida fan, I wish the brain trust would elect to trade back several selections, select the best available 1st round talent while utilizing the additional accumulated picks and regular picks to add high quality players to the team. Specifically, I hope the fine receiver out of Texas A&M, Mike Evans, is available in the 8th to 11th position for the teams first selection; I believe this guy could be a go to guy and game changer that the team needs. JUST WIN BABY!!!!