What bandwagon? The 49ers aren’t even that popular according to this graphic


If you’re part of the San Francisco 49ers faithful, you’ve probably been called a bandwagoner once or twice. It’s par for the course when your team has won multiple Super Bowl titles.

The 49ers have been one of the NFL’s most successful teams over the last three years. Everyone loves a winner, right?

The next time you hear someone mention the “49ers bandwagon,” feel free to send themĀ this chart. It outlines each NFL team’s popularity.

Guess what? The 49ers aren’t even in the top five. They’re barely in the top 10. They’re part of an enormous middle class.

The Cowboys of course topped the list, followed by the Packers and, surprisingly, the Eagles.

While we’re on the topic of wrongfully accused bandwagon fans, consider this: The Seahawks, Lombardi Trophy and all, are No. 14.

This is your time to celebrate being unique, 49ers fans.

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