Will your favorite player be there when the Dallas Cowboys pick?


Every year, I am curious as to which players the Cowboys are likely to have on the board when it’s time for them to pick in the first round. And this year, I think I found a unique way to visualize the likelihood that a player will be available to them. So here’s what I did. Using the fan-speak mock draft simulator, I ran the mock 20 times and each time I recorded the players that were available to the Dallas Cowboys at their selection. Now, the simulator isn’t perfect and there were a few times where a random 2nd-3rd round prospect popped up into the first round. Still, the chart below is a good indicator of just who may be available when the Cowboys are on the clock:

Fan-speak chart

There were a few notes that I jotted down when I did the simulation and here they are:

– There are a few players I am sure that I missed that Dallas may consider at number 16, so try to take this list with a grain of salt. It’s nothing more than a fun exercise.

– Fan favorite Aaron Donald was only available 15% of the time when Dallas was selecting. I think Cowboy fans need to come to the realization that he probably won’t be available.

– I can confidently say that it is very unlikely that any of the players in black will be there at number 16. To most people, those are the five elite players in this draft class and none of them should fall outside the top ten.

– I was surprised at how often both safeties were gone when Dallas picked. And I actually think that’s a good thing as the Cowboys don’t seem particularly excited about either prospect that early in the draft.

– If the Cowboys would like to draft a potential franchise quarterback, it’s likely that Derek Carr will be sitting there in the middle of the first round. Would they consider him? I don’t know. But he’s someone that you should do your homework on just in case.

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