Arrest means the Bengals may need to look for a new fullback


The Bengals may need to start looking for a new fullback.

Earlier this week Orson Charles, Cincinnati’s tight end turned fullback, was reportedly arrested and charged with first degree wanton endangerment. If you’re confused as to what in the world wanton endangerment is, it has nothing to do with sticking up a Chinese restaurant.

According to ESPN’s Coley Harvey, Charles’ incident stemmed from a case of serious road rage. Charles was pulled over by Richmond police after another driver reported the fullback to be brandishing a firearm in his direction while driving down the highway.

When the police searched Charles’ car they found a semiautomatic Smith and Wesson handgun.

While Charles has never been known for off-the-field issues, his actions still leave a stain on an organization which has faced scrutiny over their “bad-boy” image before. Over the last few seasons, the Bengals have made it an emphasis to crack down on any such misbehaviors, and if they want to maintain that philosophy, Charles may need to be made an example.

Given that Charles only played 62 snaps last season, cutting him wouldn’t prove to be a huge football loss. The truth is, the fullback position is losing its worth in the NFL, and the fact that Charles is still transitioning into the position makes him all the less valuable.

He is a talented player and may have a future in the NFL ahead of him, but there is a good chance it won’t be with the Bengals.

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