Can Trent Richardson and Pep Hamilton finally click this season?


Entering his second season as a Colt, a lot is being expected from last season’s big trade for Trent Richardson that left Indianapolis without a first-round pick in the upcoming draft.

Richardson is most known for his bulldozing ability between the tackles, but another quality that he brings is his pass blocking and short screens. Richardson saw 157 of the teams 409 rushing attempts for 458 yards. He also caught 28 passes from Andrew Luck for an additional 265 yards.

Now that Hamilton is entering his second season as the Colts’ offensive coordinator, he will be able to use more of the weapons at his disposal. Last season the Colts passed on 59 percent of all their plays, making them the 11th highest passing team in the league. While it’s true that the Colts have some dangerous weapons on the outside; that will not help much if people do not worry as much about the threat of a run. Six of the top ten rushing teams in the NFL went on to make the playoffs; one of them went on to win the Super Bowl.

Pep Hamilton was rumored to be on the hot seat coming into next season. This makes it even more important that Hamilton should look to better balance his play calling. Whenever Luck drops back, it seems like he is always under pressure because teams tend not to stuff the box to honor the rushing game. If Hamilton does in fact change his play calling, this problem will continue, Richardson will not be able to shine to his true potential, and Indianapolis fans will be calling for both of their heads.

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