Did any New York Jets make the NFL’s all-time, all-crime team?


Is it offensive to create lists glorifying criminal activity in the NFL? Is it on another level to detail inappropriate, post-career behavior that likely stemmed from CTE or some other brain injury? Well, why don’t you find out for yourself?

Inspired by the Philadelphia Eagles’ recent release of DeSean Jackson (even though he has been accused of no crime), Carl Pfeiffer has put together a list of NFL players at every position who have been arrested. Unfortunately, Mike Goodson failed to make the team, but there are a few Jets who managed to find their names on the squad.  Here is a quick excerpt.

RB: Mercury Morris, Miami Dolphins

Player: Morris was a key contributor to the Miami Dolphins of the early ’70s. He excelled as a running back and kick-returner and was a member of the ’72 perfect season Dolphins and the ’73 Super Bowl winning Dolphins. Morris was selected to the Pro Bowl and rushed for over 1,000 yards in ’72.

Criminal: In 1982 Morris was convicted of cocaine trafficking and sentenced to 20 years in prison. His conviction was overturned by the Florida Supreme Court and he plea bargained himself out of jail in 1986.

RB: OJ Simpson, Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers

Player: Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame running back and the first player to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a season.

Criminal: Widely believed to be the murderer of his ex-wife and her friend. But, thanks to millions of dollars and a legal team led by Johnny Cochran, Simpson walked on that charge.

However, in September 2007, a group of men led by our favorite 2,000 yard rusher decided to take some sports memorabilia, at gunpoint. Simpson was questioned by police and he admitted to taking the items, which he said had been stolen from him. After some more investigating (and plea bargaining) Simpson was charged with multiple felony counts, including criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, assault, robbery and using a deadly weapon. On December 5, 2008, Simpson was sentenced to a total of 33 years in prison with the possibility of parole sometime in 2017.

C: Barret Robbins, Oakland Raiders

Player: Starting center on the last good Raiders’ team and a Pro Bowler in 2002.

Criminal: This is where is gets complicated for him. Robbins was supposed to start for the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII, but he forgot to take his depression meds, and one thing led to another, and he found himself in Tijuana Mexico, and actually thought the Raiders had already won the game and he was celebrating their victory. Robbins lasted in the NFL until 2003 and then the Raiders released him in the summer of 2004 after he tested positive for a steroid known to have come from the BALCO lab (yep, that was illegal).

After football, Robbins continued to build his rap sheet when he shot a gun three times during a brawl with police in Miami Beach. That landed him a charge of attempted murder and he cut a plea deal. Robbins was sentenced to five years probation. For the last 10 years or so Robbins has either been in jail or rehab facilities.

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