How popular are the Detroit Lions compared to the rest of the NFL?


Do you ever feel like the Detroit Lions are ignored by major media like ESPN and other national outlets? Well, you’re probably right.

Unless Ndamukong Suh stomps on someone, Calvin Johnson sets a record or Matthew Stafford buys a big rock for his new fiancé, the Lions don’t often register high on the charts of popularity across the nation. Martin Mayhew made good moves this offseason, signing wide receiver Golden Tate and retaining their own players like Joique Bell, but they weren’t exactly “splash” moves like picking up a controversial player like Michael Vick or DeSean Jackson. It just isn’t Detroit’s style, and they likely wouldn’t have fit the Lions needs.

So, unless the Lions make a big run at the playoffs or win the NFC North for the first time in their history, the reality is they just don’t make a lot of headlines.

Check it out here for the plain facts, the Lions are in the bottom third of the NFL popularity according to these google trends and search charts since 2004. Let’s hope if they make a leap that it isn’t for the wrong reason.

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