Philadelphia Eagles had future in mind when releasing DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson Eagles

The timing of DeSean Jackson’s departure from the Philadelphia Eagles has been the subject of talks of late — or rather, how the Eagles handled it.

Yet days after being let go, Jackson inked a three-year, $24 million contract with the Washington Redskins. But what is bigger than this is why the Eagles let go of the receiver in the first place.

The Eagles have been completely tight lipped on the issue, and have told (who released a report of Jackson’s gang associations prior to his release) that they aren’t commenting at this time.

Looking at the grand scheme of things, the move appears to be more of business one than one having to do with gangs. Jackson has always been vocal about his desire to get a new contract whenever he felt that he out-performed his current one, and did so following the playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The Eagles reportedly had decided over a month ago that they were going to move forward without Jackson. When cut, he had two more years left on his deal with Philadelphia. Both Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin received new deals to come back to the Eagles, while the most talented receiver in Jackson got nothing.

Jackson had already received his bonus for the season, so the Eagles will incur 6 million in dead money agains the cap this season. Given all the cap space the team had this season — and looking towards the future — they took the full brunt of the dead money this season.

Going into the 2015 season, the Eagles were heading into cap trouble. Next year, the Eagles will have 51 players under contract and roughly $133 million spent on the roster. They’ll certainly consider new deals for guys like Nick Foles and Brandon Boykin, to name a few. They also need to take into account money to sign their draft picks.

The new front office and coaching staff are keeping all issues close to the chest and revealing very little info about what is going on behind closed doors. Chip Kelly seens pretty serious when he says they’ll make moves that are best for the team, and the organization is taking a different approach as to what is revealed to the public.

Just look at the timing of Jackson’s release. Hours after the report, the receiver was let go from the team. It was just the scapegoat scenario the Eagles were looking for to get out of Jackson’s enormous contract.

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