Where Are They Now: Kevin Bentley hits the slopes


For many NFL players, football is their life, and no other sport will ever come close in their heart. One exception to the rule is former Browns linebacker Kevin Bentley. The Browns drafted Bentley in the fourth round of the 2002 NFL Draft.  Previously, he played at Northwestern University.

Over his career, Bentley gave the teams that he played for exactly what would be expected from a fourth round draft pick.  He played with six NFL teams over 10 seasons, with the first three of those years in Cleveland. He started only 37 total games during his career in the NFL, recording 247 total tackles and never making over 60 tackles in one single season.  He retired in 2011 as a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Even though Bentley played football as a profession, it probably wasn’t even his favorite sport to participate in.  During his entire NFL career, Bentley was well known for being a snowboarding instructor every offseason beginning in 2004. According to Bentley in an interview with ESPN the Magazine, he got into snowboarding due in part to his skateboarding hobby in high school.  He then transitioned into snowboarding and continued to partake in it throughout his NFL career, despite getting flak from his teammates about it.

Now that his playing days are over, Bentley works solely as a ski instructor…and from the sound of it, he won’t be stopping anytime soon. When asked if he would continue to instruct skiers, his response was: “Oh yeah. I’ll do it for years to come.”

Bentley may not have been able to find much success as an NFL player, but he does seem to have found a calling in his post-playing career. Hang loose, Kevin. Hang loose forever.

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