Weekly Rewind: Redskins have a signing frenzy; DeSean Jackson gets advice


Another week passes by, football-less. The good news for you is the Weekly Rewind is so chock full of all the best Washington Redskins articles you missed, you’ll be catching up until the official offseason activities begin for the Redskins.


The Redskins re-sign Ryan Clark after an 8 year hold out.

DeSean Jackson finalized a multi-year deal with Washington.

The Washington Redskins sign Colt McCoy, jeopardizing Kirk Cousins’ future with the franchise.

DeSean Jackson:

Business 101: How the Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, and DeSean Jackson all acted in their best business interests.

Brian Dawkins offers some friendly advice to DeSean Jackson about gang affiliations.

Great opportunities come with a fresh start:

With all the newly acquired depth, the Redskins have an opportunity to win the NFC East.

Top 10 prospects who can replace London Fletcher.

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