Anthony Castonzo: Room for improvement


His mere presence when he enters the room will intimidate most people. At 6’7″ and 307 pounds, Anthony Castonzo has the ideal size of a left offensive tackle in the NFL. His job, to protect the face of the franchise Andrew Luck.

Castonzo will be entering his fourth season with the Colts, and was taken in the first round by the team in 2011. The Colts have been looking for a dependable left tackle since Tarik Glenn retired after the 2007 season, and when the took the young man out of Boston College, it seemed things would finally change at the LT position.

Castonzo started 12 games during his rookie year, and in the last two seasons have started all 16 games of the regular season. Their was an obvious learning curve for him during his rookie year, as he struggled significantly in pass protection, and seemed to be out manned in the run game. Last season however, some promise was show.

Castanzo has his best year yet in 2013, as he became one of the most physical run blockers at his position. You always want a nasty streak in your lineman. and Castonzo has that. When he gets locked onto a player in the run game, it is over. He finishes every block, every time. He ranks as one of the elite run blockers at LT in the league. His best attribute is likely his ability to seal off holes for the running back and get to the second level. For being so physical in his game, it can leave him open and weak when is comes to the passing game.

The Colts need a solid LT to help Luck improve, and at times Castonzo struggles against pass rushers. Being physical at times is the wrong this for pass blocking, as he is more engaged in making contact with the defender instead of sliding his feet and moving to keep up with rush. When he does get his hands on the rusher, he stays engaged and can hold his own. The problem here is that is not always the case.

Right now Castonzo is on the outside looking in when it comes to elite LT in the NFL, He must work on his agility this offseason, and come in next year with improved speed and technique in the pass blocking game. If he can improve in that, then the Colts have found their answer at LT, but if he doesn’t then Castonzo might not be back when he hits free agency.

Bottom line, there is room for improvement in his game. He is young, talented, and has the perfect size. If he works and improves, then we might see his name along side the likes of Joe Thomas, Jason Peters, Trent Williams, and Tyron Smith. Colts fans everywhere should know that the success of Luck will be a direct result of Castonzo’s play.

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