Earl Thomas hints that big news may be coming


The number one priority for the Seattle Seahawks front office right now has to be getting contract extensions for Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman.

They anchor the best defense in the league and have spawned a legion of copy-cat secondaries this offseason throughout the NFL. New Orleans has added Jairus Byrd and Champ Bailey, Denver picked up Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward, and New England signed Brandon Browner and Darrelle Revis. The word is out that having a big, physical secondary can make life very difficult for other teams.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that the Seahawks need to extend Thomas at all costs, even if it means letting Russell Wilson walk when the time comes. Now it looks like the team may be on the verge of making it happen.

Last night on Twitter Earl Thomas tweeted a message that good news was coming:


Thomas congratulated head coach Pete Carroll on his extension over the weekend and said he was looking forward to future championships:

He also tweeted a few days ago that it felt “like Christmas”:


I doubt that Thomas would be hinting like this unless a deal was imminent. While there has been no official word as of yet, if and when the news breaks we will bring you all the requisite details.

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  • TacomaLeroy

    When you wrote “the Seahawks need to extend Thomas at all costs, even if it means letting Russell Wilson walk when the time comes”, I certainly hope that was an April fools joke. No matter what, you NEVER let a QB of Russell’s skill and potential walk. Yes, Earl is almost irreplaceable, but so is Wilson. If it had to be an either/or, then you keep the player who impacts the most plays. In this case that would be Wilson.

    • Tim Weaver

      I’m just going to have to agree to disagree with you on Wilson’s value. I think that quarterbacks are overrated in general, especially for a team built on the run. The defense is what won the Super bowl & Thomas is the anchor of the defense.

  • eric

    So Tim Weaver, Do you think that the Hawks would have even gone to the Superbowl with Matt Hasselbeck? Lets be real here. Not a snowballs chance. RW is one of the best in the league if not the best. Its not a pure numbers game, his heart, poise and leadership demand respect. Mashawn would not get the yards he does with any other quarterback.

    • Tim Weaver

      I don’t understand that example considering the ‘Hawks went to SB with Hasselbeck already. Lynch’s production has more to do with the blocking he gets than Wilson’s heart. I’m not saying Wilson is bad – he’s a great QB i’m just saying Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman take priority, especially when we’re a run first team.

  • Nicole

    Tim, you’re simply fantasizing. RW isn’t your ordinary QB and to say “let him walk” is absurd. Look at the teams without outstanding QBs? Where are they? RW clearly out-performed who some believe is the best in Peyton Manning. You don’t let his kind of skills and poise “walk”. Truly an absurd statement.

  • David Bowles

    Our city would have a meltdown if RW left. They will sign him and Sherman. RW is still growing ( as a QB ) and him leaving is not an option. His poise and play will only get better.

  • Casey Lawrence

    Without a threat at QB the opposing Defenses would just stack the box and the run game would be nonexistent. The pass game opens up the run game and vice-versa, there’s a reason a good QB makes the most coin. In my opinion, there’s a lot more great DB’s then there are great QB’s.