Here are the players the St. Louis Rams could have drafted the past 10 years


Not too long ago, our Ted Bryant took the liberty of re-drafting the top 5 worst positional draft mistakes committed by the Rams over the past few years.

It was a fascinating – and, let’s face it, depressing – look at how the Rams could have avoided their terrible 15-65 pitfall from 2007-2011.

Not to bring this up again, but I feel compelled to take this a step further today after the following image made the rounds today, which details the agonizing mistakes the Oakland Raiders have made in the draft over the past 10 years with their first-round picks.

Poor Raiders

That list is absolutely brutal, right?

Luckily for Rams fans’ collective mental health, their list isn’t quite as bad, but there are still some headshakers. Here are the first round picks the Rams have drafted over the past 10 seasons and the player picked immediately afterward.

  • 2004 – Steven Jackson^, running back; Ahmad Carroll*, cornerback
  • 2005 – Alex Barron*, offensive tackle; Marcus Spears*, defensive end
  • 2006 – Tye Hill*, cornerback; Jason Allen*, cornerback
  • 2007 – Adam Carriker*, defensive tackle; Darrelle Revis^, cornerback
  • 2008 – Chris Long, defensive end; Matt Ryan^, quarterback
  • 2009 – Jason Smith*, offensive tackle; Tyson Jackson, defensive end
  • 2010 – Sam Bradford, quarterback; Ndamukong Suh^, defensive tackle
  • 2011 – Robert Quinn^, defensive end; Mike Pouncey^, center
  • 2012 – Michael Brockers, defensive tackle; Bruce Irvin, defensive end
  • 2013 – Tavon Austin, wide receiver; Dee Milliner, cornerback
  • 2013 pt. 2 – Alec Ogletree, linebacker; Travis Frederick, center

*Player not currently on NFL roster

^Made at least one Pro Bowl

Not nearly as bad as the Raiders’ situation, but still some backbreaking misses there, such as Carriker over Revis. Also some pretty fascinating “what-ifs” where the Rams might consider going a different direction if they had a do-over, such as taking Ryan over Long in ’08 and Suh over Bradford in 2010.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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