Raiders logo named the best in the NFL


The Oakland Raiders are infamous for a number of reasons. Some know the Raiders for their rawkus fan base and infamous section of fans known as the Black Hole. Some know the Raiders for the dominance they exhibited for years in the 1960s through the 1980’s. Some know the Raiders for their iconic former owner, Al Davis, a man who changed professional football as we know it.

But no matter what, everyone knows the Raiders for their colors and infamous logo. When traveling abroad, I frequently ran into people wearing Raiders gear who did not even follow the NFL. But they knew about the Raiders, their reputation and the Raiders shield logo. One person even told me that in Japan, the logo was known more for its fashion status than its affiliation with the NFL team.

Given the fame of the Raiders imagery, it is no surprise that it was named the best logo in the NFL but NFL Network’s morning show NFL AM.

The competitin was decided through online voting and the Raiders came out on top of the 32 NFL teams. For anyone who is a Raiders fan, this is no surprise.

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  • Anthony

    the only thing we win!

    • BLZeBOB

      Not for long my friend,… soon we will be winning everything!

  • Brian

    “rawkus” Really? How about “raucous”? Wow.

  • Accidental Travel Writer

    LOL! I could have told them that!

  • Stacy

    I wonder who came in last place????

    • daddio

      All the other Logos