Richard Sherman disses Michael Crabtree in autograph


The best rivalry in the NFL today is unquestionably between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. They met in January to decide the NFC Championship in a grueling, nail-biting contest that ended on a crazy interception in the end zone.



Call it “just the tip.”

That’s cornerback Richard Sherman tipping a pass from Colin Kaepernick to future Super bowl MVP Malcom Smith in the end zone. The pass was intended for 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree, who was a sorry sport about it. After the play, Sherman approached Crabtree, extended his hand and said “hell of a game.” In response Crabtree shoved him in the face.

In his now infamous post-game interview, Sherman lambasted Crabtree and instantly became the biggest villain in sports.

The feud between the two apparently goes back to a charity event for Arizona receiver Larry Fitzgerald. According to Sherman’s brother, Crabtree tried to start a fight with him. Now Sherman is rubbing it in Crabtree’s face every chance he gets. Apparently he’s signing autographs of the tip with a special message.



Sorry Crabtree. Not sorry.

I love this guy.