Top-10 ILB’s: Dansby needs help


The inside linebacker position is the beating heart of an NFL defense. That position requires a tough guy who is willing to give his body to stop the run. It requires a fast guy to be able to cover tight ends and pick off passes. It also requires a smart guy, as the inside linebacker is the “quarterback” of the defense, complete with the communication link to the sideline.

This offseason, the Cleveland Browns replaced their stalwart ILB D’Qwell Jackson with standout veteran Karlos Dansby. But even Dansby (one might say especially Dansby due to his age) cannot play every down of every game. The Browns should seriously consider drafting some ILB help for Dansby in the May draft. Cover 32 has compiled a list of the Top-10 inside linebacker prospects.

To read the full list, and determine who would be the best fit for the Browns, CLICK HERE.

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