Top 10 inside linebackers for the New Yor Jets in the NFL Draft


Don’t count out the linebackers.

The New York Jets have a relatively young front seven, but there’s some age on that linebacking crew. And once you get to the inside, the veteranship can be both a negative and a positive.

Sure, David Harris knows what he’s doing and had a bounce-back season last year, but he’s also a seven-year pro on the wrong side of 30. Harris knows his years are numbers. The Jets probably do, as well. And that means drafting an inside linebacker at some point late in the draft may not be so farfetched.

Over at the main site, Buck Stanton posted a list of the top-10 inside linebackers in the upcoming NFL Draft. Click here to read the whole article. Here is an excerpt from the piece:

10. Brock Coyle (Montana)


A good pro day put Coyle onto draft boards.

Coyle had a big senior season with the Grizzlies, leading the team in tackles with 9.6 per game, a stat that put him among the best in the nation in that category. But that didn’t get the attention of many scouts, as the linebacker toiled in obscurity in the Big Sky Conference. His pro day, however, when he showed great speed and quickness, elevated him into the late rounds.

9. Avery Williamson (Kentucky)


Williamson is too finesse for some teams.

Williamson has a good nose for the football, moving well through traffic to locate the ball-carrier. Some scouts don’t like the way he avoids blockers, however, seeing this as a lack of physicality rather than an efficient way to play the position. But he’s a very sure tackler, the type of player who has no problem sticking his nose into the pile.

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