Will the Packers add depth via the draft at inside linebacker?


Last week I talked about how the Packers simply can’t be deep enough at the linebacking position. Clay Matthews has been injury prone the last few seasons, and this past season especially it was as if being a linebacker meant being hurt for at least two games unless your name is A.J. Hawk. The Packers have added some key defensive personnel so far this offseason, but the inside linebackers haven’t been messed with just yet.

I know there are a lot of A.J. Hawk denouncers among Packer Nation, and I do agree with you that he never should have cut his hair. But, for those of you who say he is overrated, or not good enough to keep around, you’re wrong. A.J. Hawk was the one solid piece of the defense a year ago, positing numbers near his careers high in tackles (118) and setting a career high in sacks with 5.0. He proved to be a true on-the-field captain for that defense, and those of you who say the Packers can go ahead and get rid of him don’t realize how invaluable that skill is. His command and ability to recognize offenses on the fly is impressive and among the best in the league.

With that said, the Packers will undoubtedly add more depth at the position of inside linebacker. Ted Thompson still has money to spend, but I don’t see him spending that on an aging or otherwise left available defensive player. They will attack the goal of depth at linebacker via the draft. Last week we gave you the top 10 at outside linebacker and this week we have the top 10 prospects at inside linebacker who will here their names called in a little more than a month. Check out the list here, and comment below about who the Packers should pick and what your thoughts are about A.J. Hawk.

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