Buffalo Bills Take Twosday: Playoffs?! PLAYOFFS?!


Every Bills fan has dreamed of this day. The day the Buffalo Bills make it to the playoffs! 14 long years of waiting. Although you may call this article a little early, I call it looking to the future. Will this be the year the Bills finally make it? Let me review what Bills fans have endured.

Do I even need to say it? The Music City miracle is where this mess began. Where Rob Johnson started over Doug Flutie (WHY?!) and the Bills lost on the last play where a kickoff was returned for a touchdown after a questionable “lateral” pass (which we all can see was CLEARLY a forward pass….).

Since that game, the Bills have endured 12 different starting quarterbacks, 7 head coaches, and 6 different general managers. You’d almost get the notion that the team is cursed.

But there’s always next year right….?

It’s hard for anyone to understand why this playoff drought is still active. But then again, it’s really not.

The team came closest to breaking the bad streak in 2004 when the Steelers benched their starters after already clinching a playoff berth. We couldn’t do it then at 9-7…we can only hope this team will power through 2014 and make a statement that reaches close to that.

In the years that followed, we watched the coaching carousel revolve just as fast as the starting QB each year, and nothing seemed to cut it.

Taking away a home game and putting it in Toronto didn’t necessarily help the playoff push either

Could you just imagine a HOME PLAYOFF GAME AT THE RALPH?! Don’t you just get chills thinking about what that would be like? That initial moment we all realize that we’re going to the playoffs?! The situation I’m describing is really incapable of words.

Maybe I’m speaking for myself, but I’m sure I’ll be crying, jumping up and down, freaking out, and yelling the shout song all at once (if that’s possible).

I know this sounds a little ridiculous, but I am only 22 and have never gotten to attend a home playoff game or really be old enough to understand what’s going on. I was only 7 in 1999……but anywho

The only Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson has passed and we can expect a great amount of change. The possibility of a new stadium and a new owner (in time). Maybe some new personnel the front office who have been there since 1985 (this is merely speculation)?

We know the players and all of Western New York are extremely sad that Ralph is gone, but I think the players will play with a great amount of passion and try to get to the playoffs, for him, to help keep Jim Kelly circling those wagons, and for diehard Bills fans everywhere.

Just to give us our moment.

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