Former Houston Texans Quarterback’s Starting Job in Jeopardy


Matt Schaub left the Houston Texans for the quarterback-desperate Oakland Raiders, who even kept his huge contract mostly in place, which is shocking since he played so terribly last year.

So you would thinkthe Raiders paying him that kind of money virtually guarantees they are all in with him as their starting quarterback.. However that might not be the case, the Raiders are bringing Johnny Manziel in for a visit, Schaub might have a very interesting year in Oakland if they draft Manziel.

If Manziel drops to the Raiders at the number five selection and they pick him what does that mean for Schaub?

It’s doubtful they’ll draft Manziel with the idea he will learn behind Schaub, if they draft Manziel he is starting day one.

If for some reason he looks like a rookie, which is very probable then they’ll have Schaub to fall back on. I can’t imagine that would make Schaub very happy, especially since all last year he was on a quarterback seesaw going back and forth with Case Keenum,sometimes even mid game.

I don’t think the Raiders are targeting Manziel, they’re probably just trying to get another team to takehim and leave the player they really want  or they are trying to get a team like Minnesota to tradeup thinking they won’t get Manziel (if that is who they want).

There are plenty of draft strategies and all teams put up smoke screens to try to alter the game in their favor. This is probably just the Raiders trying to gain an advantage. Whatever the case may be with the Manziel visit I think Schaub is probably not too keen on the idea (unless theRaiders let him know what’s up).

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