Rishard Matthews deserves more playing time in 2014


The Dolphins had a very shaky offense in 2013, a lot of that came from two wide receivers playing out of place, Mike Wallace and Rishard Matthews. Wallace spent most of his time in the same position, right wide receiver while Matthews spent most of his time in the slot, 89% of his snaps to be exact.

It will be hard for the Dolphins to find snaps for all their wide receivers, they have four who deserve snaps. Matthews deserves a shot to prove he belongs on this roster. He was used terribly  wrong in 2013, his 89% of snaps from the slot was the highest average in the NFL,

higher than Wes Welker, Tavon Austin, and Eddie Royal, who  are all labeled “slot” receivers.

Matthews was only targeted 17% of his 323 snaps from the slot, does that mean he isn’t good? Not necessarily because he caught 65% of the balls caught his way from the slot, which is better than players made for the slot, like Wes Welker, Victor Cruz and Danny Amendola. He was also 15th in receptions from the slot.

Matthews isn’t that type of receiver, he is a receiver who is physical and plays big.  He only had one drop last season even though it was a costly one, it came on a crossing route week 17 against the Jets, if he caught the ball it would be an easy first down and he would be running for at least another 20 yards.

He is the type of receiver who will go up and fight for a ball and belongs on the outside. The ideal situation for Miami’s offense would be Matthews and Hartline on the outside with Wallace in the slot. Wallace isn’t a number one wide receiver and his speed would be used much better in the slot. Hartline and Gibson are the same type of receiver, because of Tannehill’s chemistry Gibson could be the odd man out in 2014.

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  • Danny

    I’m sorry I thought Gibson was a beast before he was hurt!

  • steve

    I agreee Danny before Gibson went down in the Pats game he was Tannehills goto receiver. I expect big things from the Fins offense since we now have a creative O.C. and can use the talent we have and not be so damn predictable.

    • Jake

      Yeah, Gibson was playing really well. But personally I believe his success came b/c he was in the slot while everyone worried about Hartline and Wallace. Not taking anything away from him…. But if Matthews becomes that outside guy ithink Gibson has to go. Hartline is Tannehill’s guy. This is all a big if though, we will have to wait and see

  • Seth

    I totally agree Jake, the more weapons you have at wide receiver, the better. You have to use them as much as you can. When you have four decent wide receivers, use them, regardless if you think you have two slot WRs