Watch downtown Seattle go nuts after Super Bowl win


I thought that sharing videos of Super bowl celebrations might get old two months after the fact. I was wrong. It never gets old, because we won the friggin Super bowl and I intend to gloat over it until at least the start of the 2014 NFL season.


Previously we’ve brought you the epic viral hit of the media getting burned on their predictions about the Seahawks, the NFL Films treatment of the Super bowl, and a happy-go-lucky music video spliced with highlights from the big game.┬áNow may I present, the citizens of Seattle going absolutely bonkers downtown after the Seahawks won the Super bowl, titled Sleepless in Seahawks Country.

If you’re curious about the soundtrack, the music is as follows:

Sol – So Damn High
The Physics – Northern Lights
Fresh Espresso – On!
Kingdom Crumbs – Much Ado About Nothing & Very Nice

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  • Jeff Engels

    Sometimes I can’t believe it happened after waiting 38 years, even though I was at both the NFC Championship game and the Superbowl! Go Hawks!

  • Deb Lentz

    Yeah, I was at the NFC Championship game too; what a great year for a talented young team! SEA! HAWKS!