Best inside linebackers in Colts draft history


When talking about the inside linebacker position, the more modern fan doesn’t think of many notable players that standout. Recently drafted Pat Angerer was injury prone and didn’t bring anything above and beyond to the linebacker core. He led the team in tackles in the abomination that was the 2011 season.

I may beat this to the ground in every article I write, but the Colts never had a player in decades that could stop the run efficiently and on a consistent basis.

The Colts had a beastly defense during their Baltimore days where they manhandled opponents at will as well as the mid-90s despite faulty draft picks.

However, this is not an article dwelling on recent struggles, but a celebration of Colts successes position by position in the NFL draft. The Colts have hit huge slam dunks on each position drafted in franchise thus far and the inside linebacker position is no different.

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