Hue Jackson says Andy Dalton needs to go back to the basics


For a quarterback who broke team records last season, won the division and took his team to the playoffs for the third straight year, Andy Dalton’s game has been dissected an awful lot this offseason. Now, Dalton’s new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is joining the conversation, and he believes it’s time to go back to the basics.

“The first thing I want to do with him is go back to the fundamentals that you use playing the game,” Jackson said. “From how you get under center, how you take the snap, the sense of urgency in you drop, where you put your eyes, how we’re finishing our throws, our progression.”

Who knows whether or not a refresher in the basics will help Dalton, but it’s worth a shot. Even with his great performances in the regular season, his collapses in the playoffs warrant every bit of criticism being placed upon him. Dalton and the Bengals organization have to realize that none of these questions will go away until he does win in the playoffs.

“The key to quarterbacking in the National Football League number one is winning and he (Dalton) has that trait,” said Jackson. “Number two is being able to win the big games and obviously that’s the hump we have to get over. I think the guy has the makeup to do it.”

This year is going to be huge for Dalton. He doesn’t just have to prove his worth to the football community, he has to prove it to the Bengals organization. Entering the final year of his rookie contract, Dalton has to perform. Otherwise, this may be his last year in Cincinnati.

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