Kansas City Chiefs fans: you make the pick


If you were the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, what position would you target with the team’s first round draft pick? Give us your input in the comment section below or send us a Tweet on Twitter.

Would you go with…

A) Wide Receiver

B) Offensive Line

C) Pass Rusher

D) Secondary

E) Other

Ready, set, go!

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  • Eddy Kriskey

    DE——Both DE suck. They are fat useless and slow. Whateveer happen to lean and mean stared by the Titans Jevon Kerse (not sure of the spelling). Either way the Chiefs blew thier wad last year and will take a huge step back. The O line was desimated by departures. They lost McCluster and need another WR seeing Bowe only shows up for Playoff games. Kece will be fine at TE. On defense Flowers SUCKS, I’ve never seen a play fall off so bad. Lewis is gone who also SUCKED. Commings will do fine at safety. Smith did a decent job at corner and Marcus Cooper has a lot of talent and I think that kid will be fine. Teh DE’s are a huge problem.

  • Kevin Roesch

    secondary or defensive end, The Offense just needs time.

  • Blake Robertson

    Secondary. The second half of the year, especially the second half of the Colts playoff loss should be reason enough to show we need to take the best DB available!

  • sharon hibbs

    rashede Hageman we had no rush in the middle only way going to beat good qbs rivers manning luck 6 losses average corners can cover with good pass rush no more stepping up in the pocket ie rivers manning &luck

  • Gary Lasister

    WR- we need someone to help Bowe from having all the excuses; DB- we just need some coverage guys