Mailbag: The likelihood of Finley remaining in Green Bay


The preseason schedules were released today, and it looks like the Packers will be nationally televised in primetime hosting the Raiders in week three. I can feel it, it’s almost here!

–Mitch from Milwaukee

Yes sir, it is! In reality we still have four months until preseason begins, and a lot of things will happen before then. Players will be cut, signed, injured (god forbid) and who knows what else. Sooner than the preseason is the offseason workouts, the draft, and most importantly training camp. When training camp begins you have my permission to pee in your pants a little out of excitement. Until then make sure you watch the masters, read cover32, and hopefully enjoy the summer weather in the ball park of your choosing, or on that executive 18 hole course down the street from your house.


How likely is it that Jermichael Finley plays in the NFL this season? And if he does, how likely is it that it’s for the Packers?

–Jay from Chicago

I believe he will play. But, with a neck injury you simply can’t be too careful. Finley came out today and said he expects to be x-rayed and have another MRI done soon, and that he will take the results of those tests to potential suitors. The Packers are definitely one of those suitors, but will they be the one willing to pay the most. The bottom line is that the NFL is a business, and Finley will go where he gets the most money. We know the Packers have a good chunk of cap space left to work with and they could match whatever offers Finley gets from other teams, but will they view Finley as too much of a risk to be worth it?



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