Montana’s middle linebacker a solid late pick for Seahawks


Yesterday when I wrote that the Seattle Seahawks probably won’t be able to keep middle linebacker Bobby Wagner past 2015, I started contemplating a future without him, and it was not pretty. I’m not the only one that’s worried. Last night I spoke with Paul Beyer on 12for12s radio and we talked about the fact that the Seahawks defense would be dramatically different without Wagner.

So, what is there to be done?

Leave it to genius general manager John Schneider to find a worthy successor through the NFL Draft. While there are more pressing needs such as the offensive line and a big wide receiver, picking up a quality middle linebacker in the later rounds now could save alot of trouble down the road.

The best option may be Montana’s Brock Coyle, who was flying under the radar (which is known to happen to people in Montana) until he turned heads at his pro day. Just how far under the rader is Coyle? ESPN only has stats available for two of his games from 2013. Here’s what he did at his pro day:

– 4.6 second 40 yard dash

– 37-inch vertical leap

– 9’7″ broad jump

– 32.5″ arms

Those are some mind boggling stats for a guy who is 6’2″ and 245 pounds. He has demonstrated some tremendous closing speed as well, as you can see in this highlight reel:

Like Wagner, Coyle appears to have that fabled “nose for the ball,” which is a quality that can’t be taught. Coyle is projected to be picked in the 7th round, so Seattle will have plenty of time to snap him up if that’s the way they choose to go.


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