Proposed new uniform for Kansas City Chiefs is pretty sweet


Proposed uniform changes for NFL teams is nothing new. Every week, some sort of idea seems to pop up – from radical redesigns to Star Wars themed tweaks to subtle changes. Most are interesting, but fairly laughable.

One new batch, however is worth taking a look at. Jesse Alkire, a freelance graphic artist / designer from Chicago, recently put his spin on each NFL team’s uniform, offering a creative touch to all 32 sets of duds. And most of them are pretty darn cool.

As for the Kansas City Chiefs, he didn’t make drastic changes. He explained why on his web site:

“Another strong, proud uniform tradition remains virtually untouched. Solid-color socks and red shoes give one of the NFL’s most traditional uniforms a slick, modern feel.”

Here’s what he came up with:

Chiefs Helmet
A proposed new helmet
Chiefs Uniforms
Proposed new uniforms

Pretty sharp. Who do we need to call to get this done?

To see Jesse’s entire batch of new uniforms, CLICK HERE. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

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  • ChadL

    Uh, seems to me if you are gonna change something…you actually make distinguishable changes

  • Kansas Cardinal

    Wow, what difference.. so cool .. without the logo wouldn’t have recognized the team (pure sarcasm)

  • Paul

    We need an all red uniform, like the wore on opening night last year.

  • PatricioDowns

    Anyone else notice that we haven’t seen a Chiefs playoff win since they changed to the stupid red pants???? All white, or red top/white pants!

  • Unkyjack

    ….a uniform, does not a team make,….we need a good OL replacement, CB replacement, basically a complete secondary replacement. Otherwise,…..well….
    Bowe needs some help, he can’t do it all out there.