Raiders Mailbag: Manziel, McKenzie's job security and GIVE REECE THE *&#$ BALL!


If all three of those guys are gone, I firmly believe that Greg Robinson is the best player on the board. I also firmly believe that none of the quarterbacks in this draft are worth the number five pick. If the Raiders were to trade back and get a QB later I would be ok with that. But there are far too many great players available at five to take a QB who is not as good of a football player just because they play an important position.

Let’s not forget that a trade back is also a very big possibility.

It is possible. Reggie McKenzie will take whoever he believes is the best player on the board. I honestly do not think Mark Davis will play a large role in who gets picked in the first round though I am sure he will weigh in. My biggest concern with Manziel is that he seems to do his best work when the play breaks down and he can use his mobility to find someone open down field. That’s not a bad trait to have but I prefer a quarterback who is at his best making quick reads and getting rid of the ball quickly while in the pocket.

I sure hope so. I am getting pretty tired or writing pissed off posts mid season about the fact that Marcel Reece does not get the ball anywhere near as often as he should. He brings a ton of value in the blocking game which is a large part of why he has not gotten the ball enough. But even so, the Raiders have a weapon that simply does not get used nearly often enough and they need to find a way to rectify that.

He is a starter no matter where they decide to put him. He is versatile and can play with his hand in the dirt at times but is much better standing up. There are lot’s of options how they could use him but I would imagine that if drafted he would be a starting outside linebacker on day one for the Raiders.

Personally, I would not take Watkins with the number five pick. I think he is clearly a play maker but this is an incredibly deep draft at the wide receiver position and very good players can be had later. Plus, he is not even the wide receiver I would take first if I was the Raiders. Mike Evans from Texas A&M has great size and more than enough speed but more importantly, the guy’s hands must ooze stickem because he can catch almost anything in arm’s reach of him. He would instantly become the Raiders best redzone target, something they need desperately.

I think that if the Raiders can land either Clowney or Mack with the five pick it will go a very long way to pro-longing the tenure of Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen in Oakland. The Raiders need an impact playmaker on defense and with great defensive coaches in Allen and Jason Tarver, getting a guy like Mack or Clowney could be huge for the Raiders.

Any quarterback at five could end their tenure in Oakland. Sound like a broken record? Because I have been saying it forever. I am not knocking these quarterbacks, I am simply pointing out two things. First, the Raiders need a guy who can come in and make an impact right away. I believe any and every rookie quarterback should come in and be able to sit for a year or two. Second, this draft has a ton of great players and well more than five who are better than any of the quarterbacks. With a team full of needs like the Raiders, they need to take the best player available.

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