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It seems that even during the NCAA Men’s basketball national championship game there is time to talk Cowboys. This week as we take our usually troll through twitter we take a look back to last night’s game and some of the Cowboys’ drama that resulted during it, celebrate birthdays, take a look at Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders suit fittings for the annual calendar and more!
Coach Joe died 2 years ago last week. He is definitely one of the best Cowboys assistant coaches of all time.

TD Tony Dorset celebrated a birthday Monday. Look at that fro and shirt collar!

Lots of haters took the stage last night in regard to Tony Romo being at the national championship. I guess haters just have to hate, especially when it’s the Cowboys.

Found this graphic that was tweeted from a while back. Says all you need to know about why people want to boo Jerry at a BASKETBALL game in his own house. They can hate all they want but it’s only because they want to be America’s team

49er’s fan must be but hurt no one is talking about his team.

What did y’all think about Marcus Spears comments regarding Romo being too close to Garrett?

Here’s what I was thinking.

Sorry if this stat offends your desire to see Romo as anything but clutch.

Tune in next week, same time, same place for more from twitter!

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