Where Phil Costa fits in as a Colt


With Jeff Saturday leaving the Indianapolis Colts in 2012, the search for a comparable center was critical, I mean the center is the only offensive player to touch the ball every play.

In the years since, the replacements have fallen short of the benchmark set by the 6 time pro-bowler. Samson Satele, who was the starting center in 2013, was cut last month and with the hopes of making the position more competitive the Colts have added ex-Cowboys center, Phil Costa, into the mix.

Colts GM, Ryan Grigson had the following to say during the announcement:
“Phil is a young, hard-nosed and physical center who has shown he can play at a winning level in our league. He will provide strong competition at the center position.”

Costa started all 16 games for the Cowboys in 2011 and was coined the starter for the following season; however, that success was cut short due to an ankle injury. Afterwards, Costa rarely got any playing time as he had been replaced by first round draft pick, Travis Frederick.

While there is no certainty that Costa will be the starter, or even remain on the squad, he will get a fair shot to compete against second year, Khaled Holmes.

The relationship that Jeff and Peyton had during their time at Indianapolis was remarkable. They knew what one another was thinking, they spent so much time together that they even bickered like a married couple. However, it is no coincidence that the Colts had so much success during that era. Having a center that can be on the same page as your quarterback at all times is a game changer. Jeff Saturday was added to the mix in Peyton’s second year, so getting the right guy at center now might prove to be the extra element the Colts need to take their game to the next level this season. Let the competition begin.

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