Top 5 draft picks of the Belichick era


Top 5 Draft Picks in the Hoody Era

Since taking over in New England back in 2000, Bill Belichick has been hit and miss, like many coaches & general managers, when it comes to the NFL draft. Belichick has swung and missed miserably at some picks (Bethel Johnson, Chad Jackson, Laurence Maroney anyone?), but has taken flyers in the back half of the draft that have panned out beyond what was expected.

Here are the top 5 draft picks Bill Belichick has made while leading the New England Patriots:

5. Tight End Rob Gronkowski (Round 2, 2010)

I can hear it now; “How is Gronk only #5?” There’s no denying the stats Gronkowski has posted in his young career, but the biggest reason why he isn’t higher this list is because a lot of his stats are hollow. The team has only appeared in one Super Bowl (2011) since Gronk came on board, in which Gronkowski was injured and struggled to muster a two catch-26 yard performance versus the New York Giants.

In addition, his injury history continues to build by the day, further hampering his value to move past others on this list. He’s lost time, including playoff games, that have held back the Patriots from being at full strength to win a fourth Super Bowl title. His stats come in huge clumps, thus he has compiled just one 1000-yard season and missed half of the possible regular season games in the last two seasons.

No doubt, Rob Gronkowski is a beast, but the main thing that keeps him tamed, has done so in his young career. Belichick took the chance on him in 2010, but has felt the wrath of what made Gronkowski available when he selected him.

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